our feet move languidly

past ashes we once called home

and pulverised spirits we called family

leaving behind oceans of crimson


the shoreline witnesses

creaking while we mount death boats

the desert sympathises

as we tread towards camps

that reek of blood and pain


you refer to us as “displaced”

after you devoid us of our lands

and have stripped away our freedom

but our journey comes to no end

for hope is our only raison d’être

in this abyss of ruins


In honour of millions of refugees around the world. My thoughts go out to you, and i hope for a world free of war, persecution and apartheid. A world filled with love, compassion and justice.


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the sun’s not beaming for it hides its radiance

the waves crash no more in protest of our actions

there’s no fish in the coast cause the ocean fails to forgive

she cries out loud but the echoes reach not the surface

but today,

her shores proclaim her pain

her susurrations are heard above the skies

cause our actions are roots of the dearth of her children

today she begs you to show some love

for she is our lifeblood, our food, our medicine

she gives off her warmth as the poles become too cold

she grants us what we can repay her not

so how dare we cause her all these pain

Happy World Environment Day!

The word “actions” from the writing represents (oil spillage, pollution, plastic and other wastes as well as activities that harm our oceans and the world as a whole) while the word “children” represents marine life.


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Intercontinental Paroxysm

have you seen the pain in the eyes of the Rakhines?

the grief that dwells in the hearts of Chiboks?

the ache on the half broken smiles of the Syrians?

or the distress on the faces of the souls on the African coasts?

in my heart flows a river of agony

here’s an epitaph for the lost innocent lives

and for the broken ones that are still in pain

the pen bleeds no more ‘cause it’s all been drained

scenes so surreal you would think it was a horror movie 

bodies shot and slain like it’s an abattoir 

vitriols spilled out on young soft souls

and ammunitions being shelled like raindrops

the only barricades are voices

voices of traumatised rape victims

voices of the fragile young and old folks

voices of pregnant women walking for days with no chaperons

faith lost, where’s hope

when there’s no room for choices

all I hear are dismal cries, ’cause we no longer live amity

and hearts so cold with no atom of empathy

with these occurrences, how can I still have faith in humanity?
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Plastic: A tragic story

I came across the picture above some weeks back and saved it. I immediately decided to write something about it because i knew what it meant. This a seabird, It’s dead. why? Due to human activities on this planet that we overlook, It’s no surprise that 80 million tonnes of watse in US, every year, comes from plastic food packaging. That’s just the US, the world statistics is even more shocking. This is something we take for granted and is one of the leading causes of death not only in birds but also in sea organisms and has a direct effect on humans as well. 

And what is that?

A study shows that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic afloat in our oceans worldwide. According to National Geographic, 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean each year. That’s plastic the size of 14 thousand Airbuses. Fascinating isn’t it?
You don’t have to be a biologist or a scientist but these facts are enough to make you concerned if you truly care about this planet. According to The Guardian, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean unless the industry cleans up its acts.

Plastic thrown anyway in Continent A can be found in Continent B due to ocean currents diverting the trash around ocean surfaces.
Plastic isn’t biodegradable, it does not breakdown, it is toxic and poisonous and if you’re like me and consume sea food often, there’s no doubt about it that you are consuming plastic.

You may be thinking, how is that even possible?

Let me break down for you, When you buy a bottle of water and sulk the water down your throat, you feel hydrated and more energetic to carry out your daily tasks, what happens to the bottle?, it goes into the bin and the waste man collects the bottle including so many other plastic wastes. All the refuses are dumped at your districts’ waste point but they can’t be there forever. So what happens? they get transferred to the ocean. Yes! they get dumped in the middle of ocean and as you may know a large number of plastic still used today isn’t biodegradable so it’s left out in the ocean and after a period of time the sun’s UV light, salt and ocean wave action breaks it down to smaller particles called microplastics.

Microplastics have rough, pitted surfaces. Waterborne chemicals from industry and agriculture stick to microplastics, making them toxic poison pills. Plankton feed heavily on microplastics because they look like their food.
Don’t want to go into so much detail about our food chain but by mere studying it, larger aquatic organisms such as fish and whales feed on plankton together with the microplastics and its toxicity.

Humans on the other hand feed on fish and other marine creatures together with its plastic and toxicity. So when fish eat plastics that are free floating in the ocean, the toxins in the plastic migrate to muscles and fats and other parts that we like to eat in fish. And voilá, that’s how you eat plastic and all the infections it comes with.

Also, a majority of plastics have estrogenic activity, which happens when a chemical like Bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalate leaches from plastic and enters the body where it mimics the hormone estrogen. And it’s not just plastics too, cosmetics, papers and silicones have these too. This implies that as you’re drinking water from a plastic bottle you’re also taking in these chemicals.

Burning plastic is as bad too. Phthalates are chemicals used to make plastic more flexible and durable and they are toxic. If you breathe them, they have hormone changing properties as well as other health effects that affect our lungs and cause cancer.

So just remember that when you throw a bottle away, it doesn’t go away. It goes somewhere on this planet and indirectly causes harm to us humans and other living organisms. Try to reuse, recycle and inform people about this. Purchase recyclable products and minimise your daily use of disposable plastic or rather use better and safer environmentally friendly alternatives. Make a difference and encourage our younger generations to care about this planet. After all we have no where else to go.

Our governments should implement changes and be like Rwanda, which is one of the very few countries that has banned plastic bags. Sweden is such a badass country that it imports waste to recycle because they have run out of it and they use it to produce bio fuel/gas. This means less emissions and cleaner air. Mhmm I can already smell the freshness. If that isn’t revolutionary to you then have a cup of decaf, eww, like seriously who takes decaf. Anyway, this has greatly reduced the amount of wastes from plastic and is making the world a better, safer and greener place.

If you haven’t, please spare a few hours and watch the documentary “A Plastic Ocean”. The documentary, amongst other things, inspired this writing.

Thank you.

1. Documentary: A Plastic Ocean
3. The Guardian Newspaper
4. National Geographic


i am a rose with no petals, faded and left to wither,

still i make your heart bloom

i am a gunslinger with no bullets,

still i shoot you to the stars

i am an artist with no canvas,

still i paint your mind with wisdom

i am a heart with no one to live for,

still i beat for you

i am a cryptic maze, an unearthed space,

still i make you think

i am the pause, the underscore you think unworthy of,

still i make your code complete

i am the void, the null the unknown,

still you search for me

i am what you breathe, the breeze the puff,

still you fail to grasp me

i am the dream, your hope your aspiration,

still you chase me not

i am what you’re reading or listening now,

still you fail to comprehend

A thing

This thing called love. It started like magic

and like the spring causing roses to grow,

it was highly romantic.


It became classic

and like the radiance of the sunny summer that makes your skin glow,

it’s nature became strikingly exotic.


Out of the blue came the panic

and the autumn appeared causing the loss of the rainbow,

a loss that was tragic.


Then it turned out dramatic

like the coldness of the winter and the death of the lovely mallow,

this thing called love. It ended traumatic.


There in the emptiness she lays in complete desolation

Her face sparkles as she gazes through the vastness of the bright skies

As I walked past I couldn’t help but stare in admiration

Just by that you could tell a thousand chronicles

She glares with an adorable smile in an esteem manner as she notices his never ending stare

He approaches her with her hand shake, as she responds he could feel her accelerating heartbeat just by a touch of her soft palms

Thinking it was a dream, it was at this moment she realises she’s not been stuck in an imaginative reality

An array of ideas start to go through her mind as he gives heed to her body language

She starts to narrate all the scenarios as he sits down in the tense and gloomy surrounding and the thought of what he had to do to calm her soft heart down flashing through is mind.

This is one of my very first piece of writing and I just thought I should share it. I consider it as my first actually. I think of it as a prose. It took me over a year to write another piece, mostly poems. It’s amazing what my hands can write about and sometimes I look back to a poem I’ve written and I’m like whoa!! “Did I really write this?” That’s the power of the mind I believe. Set a task for yourself and with focus and just the right amount of time you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. It reminds me of a quote by “I don’t know who to be very honest” which says “The mind is everything. what you think, you become”. Thank you for reading and have an amazing day!



i think of life as a maze

with its paths so colourful it sets your mind ablaze

some so bright you would think it was paradise

some so dark leading you to an abyss of ruins

some so narrow crushing your bones to its very core

some so wide giving you enough room to feel and breathe


i think of life as a race

chasing premiums and at the end all in vain

quest for love and you end up in pain

aim for the stars but careful not to fall on the wrong lane

‘cause once at the apex it becomes a fat pestiferous gain


mind you it’s just a number of days

before the sensation fades

and reality awakens in novel ways

feel the presence of the rays

and appreciate the soul that always stays


it’s the inception of a new phase

the teardrops ricochet

the chase is over, my soul’s no more prey

the heart’s gone rouge and the white roses have turned ruby

the pulses have halted, the reverie now broken

a sign that what you have, doesn’t always stay

I Am


I am the owner of the patched up trousers

I purchase my meal with the free vouchers

I eat the leftover food in the fancy restaurant

When they don’t let me in I move to the bin

I am the worker with the sun burnt skin

I am the man with the worn out flip flops

I am the dude with the sun dried lips

I sleep on an old mattress with a tattered sheet and when it rains my ceiling drips in excess too

I wear my socks with its rat eaten holes

I am the worker who cannot write his name

I am the one they point fingers at and sometimes they say —whaaat a shame

I am the husband with the bedridden wife

I have a wallet that has zilch in it

And when I have 2 coins I don’t forget to split

That’s the way it is I have to strive

And may be one day I could thrive

Yet, I smile when you look at me

And I end my day with a sip of tea

This hardship is what I chose

Don’t judge me until you learn to walk in my shoes.


Placid days become history

Stomachs rumble excessively

With what remains no mystery


Lucid barren lands lay

Devoid of the living

Stocks thin like reed

Reeking like sewage dumps


The breathing souls left

Wished their lives were taken

Their emptiness consumes them

Movement becomes a luxury

And reflexes an impossibility


Of mortals that could speak

Whispered lowly voices

Begging for only remnants

and as seconds swiftly pass

Longed not to see the sun rise


Of those that could walk

Paraded long distances

Until their limbs bled

Searching for natures gift

And mythical safe havens


One of life’s greatest trials

A survival of the fittest

A matter of life and death