We Watched

we watched as they starved

unheeded to their wails

we watched as bodies quaked

from the batons struck on their flesh

we watched as the bombs landed

silencing the cries of newborns

we watched as limbs got severed

for crying out loud for freedom

we watched as the slender kid died

his last words, oh what injustice

we watched as the politicians

decided the fate of our nation

by a scribble on the sheet of paper

we watched as they violated our rights

and sealed our lips with fear


we watched and we bled and we fell

but we rose

for our tongues can never be silenced

we are the voices of the voiceless

the faces of the faceless

we give identity to the nameless

your attacks are of no weight

it only increases us in faith

oh damn you and your corrupts courts

judging without jurisprudence

we will speak against injustice

we will fight for freedom

till the flames of retribution engulfs our oppressors

Happy #HumanRightsDay

Image source: Unsplash