our feet move languidly

past ashes we once called home

and pulverised spirits we called family

leaving behind oceans of crimson


the shoreline witnesses

creaking while we mount death boats

the desert sympathises

as we tread towards camps

that reek of blood and pain


you refer to us as “displaced”

after you devoid us of our lands

and have stripped away our freedom

but our journey comes to no end

for hope is our only raison d’être

in this abyss of ruins


In honour of millions of refugees around the world. My thoughts go out to you, and i hope for a world free of war, persecution and apartheid. A world filled with love, compassion and justice.


Image source: Pinterest


the sun’s not beaming for it hides its radiance

the waves crash no more in protest of our actions

there’s no fish in the coast cause the ocean fails to forgive

she cries out loud but the echoes reach not the surface

but today,

her shores proclaim her pain

her susurrations are heard above the skies

cause our actions are roots of the dearth of her children

today she begs you to show some love

for she is our lifeblood, our food, our medicine

she gives off her warmth as the poles become too cold

she grants us what we can repay her not

so how dare we cause her all these pain

Happy World Environment Day!

The word “actions” from the writing represents (oil spillage, pollution, plastic and other wastes as well as activities that harm our oceans and the world as a whole) while the word “children” represents marine life.


Image source: Pinterest