Intercontinental Paroxysm

have you seen the pain in the eyes of the Rakhines?

the grief that dwells in the hearts of Chiboks?

the ache on the half broken smiles of the Syrians?

or the distress on the faces of the souls on the African coasts?

in my heart flows a river of agony

here’s an epitaph for the lost innocent lives

and for the broken ones that are still in pain

the pen bleeds no more ‘cause it’s all been drained

scenes so surreal you would think it was a horror movie 

bodies shot and slain like it’s an abattoir 

vitriols spilled out on young soft souls

and ammunitions being shelled like raindrops

the only barricades are voices

voices of traumatised rape victims

voices of the fragile young and old folks

voices of pregnant women walking for days with no chaperons

faith lost, where’s hope

when there’s no room for choices

all I hear are dismal cries, ’cause we no longer live amity

and hearts so cold with no atom of empathy

with these occurrences, how can I still have faith in humanity?
Image Source: Pinterest

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