i am a rose with no petals, faded and left to wither,

still i make your heart bloom

i am a gunslinger with no bullets,

still i shoot you to the stars

i am an artist with no canvas,

still i paint your mind with wisdom

i am a heart with no one to live for,

still i beat for you

i am a cryptic maze, an unearthed space,

still i make you think

i am the pause, the underscore you think unworthy of,

still i make your code complete

i am the void, the null the unknown,

still you search for me

i am what you breathe, the breeze the puff,

still you fail to grasp me

i am the dream, your hope your aspiration,

still you chase me not

i am what you’re reading or listening now,

still you fail to comprehend

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