A thing

This thing called love. It started like magic

and like the spring causing roses to grow,

it was highly romantic.


It became classic

and like the radiance of the sunny summer that makes your skin glow,

it’s nature became strikingly exotic.


Out of the blue came the panic

and the autumn appeared causing the loss of the rainbow,

a loss that was tragic.


Then it turned out dramatic

like the coldness of the winter and the death of the lovely mallow,

this thing called love. It ended traumatic.


There in the emptiness she lays in complete desolation

Her face sparkles as she gazes through the vastness of the bright skies

As I walked past I couldn’t help but stare in admiration

Just by that you could tell a thousand chronicles

She glares with an adorable smile in an esteem manner as she notices his never ending stare

He approaches her with her hand shake, as she responds he could feel her accelerating heartbeat just by a touch of her soft palms

Thinking it was a dream, it was at this moment she realises she’s not been stuck in an imaginative reality

An array of ideas start to go through her mind as he gives heed to her body language

She starts to narrate all the scenarios as he sits down in the tense and gloomy surrounding and the thought of what he had to do to calm her soft heart down flashing through is mind.

This is one of my very first piece of writing and I just thought I should share it. I consider it as my first actually. I think of it as a prose. It took me over a year to write another piece, mostly poems. It’s amazing what my hands can write about and sometimes I look back to a poem I’ve written and I’m like whoa!! “Did I really write this?” That’s the power of the mind I believe. Set a task for yourself and with focus and just the right amount of time you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. It reminds me of a quote by “I don’t know who to be very honest” which says “The mind is everything. what you think, you become”. Thank you for reading and have an amazing day!