i think of life as a maze

with its paths so colourful it sets your mind ablaze

some so bright you would think it was paradise

some so dark leading you to an abyss of ruins

some so narrow crushing your bones to its very core

some so wide giving you enough room to feel and breathe


i think of life as a race

chasing premiums and at the end all in vain

quest for love and you end up in pain

aim for the stars but careful not to fall on the wrong lane

‘cause once at the apex it becomes a fat pestiferous gain


mind you it’s just a number of days

before the sensation fades

and reality awakens in novel ways

feel the presence of the rays

and appreciate the soul that always stays


it’s the inception of a new phase

the teardrops ricochet

the chase is over, my soul’s no more prey

the heart’s gone rouge and the white roses have turned ruby

the pulses have halted, the reverie now broken

a sign that what you have, doesn’t always stay