I Am


I am the owner of the patched up trousers

I purchase my meal with the free vouchers

I eat the leftover food in the fancy restaurant

When they don’t let me in I move to the bin

I am the worker with the sun burnt skin

I am the man with the worn out flip flops

I am the dude with the sun dried lips

I sleep on an old mattress with a tattered sheet and when it rains my ceiling drips in excess too

I wear my socks with its rat eaten holes

I am the worker who cannot write his name

I am the one they point fingers at and sometimes they say —whaaat a shame

I am the husband with the bedridden wife

I have a wallet that has zilch in it

And when I have 2 coins I don’t forget to split

That’s the way it is I have to strive

And may be one day I could thrive

Yet, I smile when you look at me

And I end my day with a sip of tea

This hardship is what I chose

Don’t judge me until you learn to walk in my shoes.