The words that make your heart burn

Words that pierce right through your veiny red chamber

Words that make your body quiver

Words that make your spine tingle and eyes sting

Words that make your throat constrict and your stomach flip

Words that make your skin prickle and bones ache

Words that give you fluttering sensations

Those are the words I live to write

Those are the words I live to read

Fleeting moments 

Worry not much

For this life is nothing but fleeting moments

Some break you

Some make you strong

And others are there to shape you

For what the future has to offer


Worry not much

For it doesn’t change the past

And focus on the future with optimism

For positive thinking brings positive results

It may not seem as clear as crystals

But it is indeed as bright as a spark

Therefore, cherish these moments

The good and the bad

Because one day you’ll look back just to realise

That they were nothing but blessings